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Federal Bureau of Prison RDAP Program

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) RDAP Program is a substance abuse treatment program for federal inmates in the United States. RDAP stands for Residential Drug Abuse Program. The program is designed to provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment to help inmates recover from drug and alcohol addiction, reduce the risk of relapse, and prepare for successful re-entry into society.

The BOP RDAP Program includes both residential and non-residential components. The residential component requires inmates to complete a nine-month program that includes individual and group counseling, educational classes, and vocational training. The non-residential component provides follow-up care and support to inmates who have completed the residential program.

Participation in the BOP RDAP Program is voluntary, and inmates must meet certain eligibility criteria to be considered for the program. Inmates who successfully complete the program may be eligible for early release and other incentives, such as increased visitation and phone privileges.

The BOP RDAP Program is accredited by the American Correctional Association and is recognized as a best practice model for substance abuse treatment in the criminal justice system.

To be eligible for the BOP RDAP program, inmates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Substance abuse diagnosis: The inmate must have a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence, as determined through a screening process by qualified BOP staff.

  2. Non-violent offense: The inmate must be serving a sentence for a non-violent offense. Inmates convicted of violent or sex-related offenses are generally not eligible for the program.

  3. Sentence length: The inmate must have a remaining sentence of at least 24 months, and have a projected release date that allows for completion of the program before release.

  4. Program participation: The inmate must be willing to participate fully in the program, which includes attending all program activities, completing assigned homework, and actively engaging in individual and group counseling.

  5. Security level: The inmate must be housed in a BOP facility that offers the RDAP program, and must meet the security requirements of that facility.

It’s important to note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the RDAP program. Space in the program is limited, and selection is based on a variety of factors, including the severity of the inmate’s substance abuse issues, their motivation to change, and their overall behavior while in prison.


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